Hi loved ones! Thank you for visiting our site! Here you will find everything you need to know about us and our wedding at Jalama Cañon Ranch on October 13th, 2018!


the venue

Jalama Cañon Ranch

Our wedding will take place at Jalama Cañon Ranch, amidst the Santa Barbara wine country. Slightly off the beaten path, this working ranch boasts a breathtaking mountain side, beautiful vineyard and even adorable farm animals! The moment you arrive at the ranch you will feel like you’re on vacation at your family’s country home. Fair warning: there is no cell phone service at Jalama Cañon Ranch so be prepared to be off the grid!

How to get there

Jalama Cañon Ranch is tucked away in the beautiful mountainous landscape just several miles inland from the California coastline. The drive to the ranch is stunning and really shows off the beauty of Southern California. You’ll spend most of the drive on PCH with ocean views and palm trees everywhere.

There is no parking at the ranch so we’ve arranged for a shuttle service from the Hilton Garden Inn in Lompoc. Shuttles will start running at 3:00pm and the last shuttle will leave at 4:00pm sharp for the ceremony. Please don’t be late! Return shuttles will run until 2:00am so you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate with us!

Address: 1201 North H Street Lompoc, California 93436.

Out of town guests: Traveling from out of town? Check out where to stay and what to do here!

how we met

cindy and lee sitting on a boat?

The story of how Cindy and Lee met can be told in two different ways – his version and hers. Both 100% correct. You can decide which one you like better:

“Cindy and I met at a 4th of July house party in 2013. My wing man, Pat Murray and I had just started a co-ed softball team called Sons of Pitches. We were in desperate need of ladies to join. We approached Cindy and her friends at the party and after some flirtatious banter we invited them to be on the team. My cellphone at the time was old and died after a couple hours of use. So I had to get her number the old fashioned way – written down on a business card. That was a Thursday and our first game was the following Monday. Cindy showed up to that first game and over the coarse of the season we got to know each other. Sons of Pitches were league champions that summer!”

“Lee and I met at a 4th of July house party in 2013. His wing man, Pat Murray and him approached me and my friends with some flirtatious banter. After I told him I worked for a yoga clothing company he boasted that he could touch his toes. I told him to prove it. He did! Little did he know, I hadn’t started my yoga practice yet and hadn’t been able to touch my toes for years. At the end of the night, when the party was dispersing, Lee told me that Pat lived on a yacht in the Marina. He asked me if I wanted to check it out. In my mind I thought ‘Hell yeah I wanna check out your friend’s yacht!’ We walked a couple miles from the party to the Marina and onto what I could only describe as a bachelor boat (sorry Pat and Jesse). The ceiling fabric was falling down, there were empty beer bottles and ash trays on the table and string lights for ‘ambiance.’ For those of you who know Lee, it won’t surprise you that he embellished the boat just a bit. But over the coarse of the summer we had a lot of fun times on that bachelor boat!”

the proposal

who rigged secret santa?

A brief backstory: Cindy and Lee and their group of amazing best friends, aka “The Holes” decided to do a Secret Santa exchange in 2015.  For this first annual exchange, Cindy and her maid of honor, Katie, rigged the name picking so that they could gift two of the guys in the group, Brad and PJ. For the entire year after they had a running joke that Secret Santa was rigged and it was all a set up.

The proposal: The second annual Secret Santa exchange took place in one of Cindy and Lee’s favorite places on earth: Joshua Tree. The Holes rented out a super unique AirBnb called Rancho des Colores. Filled with colorful walls, lights and art, this was the perfect setting for the gift exchange. Lee made sure that he would be the last person to give his gift – an engagement ring to Cindy. Her maid of honor, Katie, was the only other person who knew and is the videographer in the above video. Special thanks to her and everyone who made the celebration at Rancho des Colores the most memorable night of Cindy and Lee’s lives!

rsvp + registry


To save on paper and postage, please RSVP by filling out  the form below.


Check out our registry here. We’ve compiled some of our favorite home goods to help us beautify the Treehouse (our condo on Beloit Ave). If you purchase something from our registry please send it to Cindy’s parent’s house on Yale Street. It will be included on the registry but just in case it is 866 Yale Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Also, since we’re all about traveling and experiences, there’s the option of donating to our honeymoon in Australia! Thank you so much! We appreciate all the love!

Additional Info

Wedding attire:  Dress to impress: suit+tie / cocktail dresses.

Adults only:  In order to allow all guests, including parents, an evening of relaxation we have chosen for our wedding day to be an adult only occasion.  We hope this advanced notice means you are still able to share our big day and will enjoy having the evening off.

Out of town guests: Traveling from out of town? Check out where to stay and what to do here!