the proposal

who rigged secret santa?

A brief backstory: Cindy and Lee and their group of amazing best friends, aka “The Holes” decided to do a Secret Santa exchange in 2015.  For this first annual exchange, Cindy and her maid of honor, Katie, rigged the name picking so that they could gift two of the guys in the group, Brad and PJ. For the entire year after they had a running joke that Secret Santa was rigged and it was all a set up.

The proposal: The second annual Secret Santa exchange took place in one of Cindy and Lee’s favorite places on earth: Joshua Tree. The Holes rented out a super unique AirBnb called Rancho des Colores. Filled with colorful walls, lights and art, this was the perfect setting for the gift exchange. Lee made sure that he would be the last person to give his gift – an engagement ring to Cindy. Her maid of honor, Katie, was the only other person who knew and is the videographer in the above video. Special thanks to her and everyone who made the celebration at Rancho des Colores the most memorable night of Cindy and Lee’s lives!