the wedding parties

The officiant

Ethan Rosenberg – Master of ceremonies, entertainer of parties and comedian at heart, Ethan is one of Cindy and Lee’s closest friends. He indulges in the finest foods and dines in the best restaurants with Lee, Cindy and Katie. He has known them both throughout their relationship and will make the ceremony extra special.

bridal party

Katie Franzeo – Maid of Honor: also affectionately nick named Kiki, she is Cindy’s workout partner, fellow foodie, gchat distraction from work and sister from an Italian mister. They have basically the same wardrobe and often show up to events wearing similar outfits. That’s how they know they’re best friends. Katie is also one of Lee’s closest friends but when Cindy met Katie she quickly won her over and stole her from Lee. Muahahahaha!

Lauren Walker – Bridesmaid: the former third member of the Treehouse (Cindy and Lee’s condo on Beloit Ave), Lauren is not only Cindy’s old roommate but one of her closest friends. They share a love of murder mysteries, nature documentaries, fresh baked brownies with vanilla ice cream and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Joelle Siino – Bridesmaid: one of the main reasons why Cindy travels to Vegas several times a year, Joelle holds a special place in Cindy’s heart. She’s been the biggest supporter of Lee and Cindy’s relationship and cried the hardest at their engagement in Joshua Tree. Caring, loving and a big sweetheart, Joelle is an amazing friend!

Cristina Lyster – Bridesmaid: much more than an in-law, Cristina has become a true sister to Cindy. Every time a cute dog video or yummy ice cream photo shows up on her social media, Cristina gets an instant tag! Cindy looks forward to spending family vacations together until their old and retired with their many dogs!

Alex Salice – Bridesmaid man: through all the ups and the downs, Alex is Cindy’s oldest friend. He’s the designer of Cindy’s favorite tattoo – the one on her foot! In high school, Alex would help Cindy with all of her French class homework including an embarrassing video project. Even when their lives get busy and they haven’t seen each other in awhile, the second they get together it’s as if no time has gone by.

groom party

Ben Tutokey – Best Man:  Also being an only child it’s easy to see why Ben and Lee always considered themselves brothers.  They first met at Boy Scouts in first grade and always considered life to be one giant adventure.  If you want to hear a good story about Lee just ask Ben and vice versa.  It’s safe to say Lee is the man he is today because of growing up with Ben by his side.

Zac Pappis – Best Man:  Considered Lee’s oldest friend.  They met during pre-school only to find out their families lived 3 houses a part on the same street.  Though Zac’s family moved by the end of Elementary he and Lee stayed close and reuinted years later as college roommates.  From that point on they influenced and inspired each other.  If there’s one thing Zac taught Lee it’s how to challenge the social norm and truly think outside the box .

Matt McConnell – Groomsman:  A friendship that didn’t truly form until college days but once it did it was like they had been boys forever.  Together they went from the Blues Brothers for Halloween to Fraternity Brothers.  They then spent an unforgettable summer working as Busboys at a Hamptons nightclub to Burning Man campmates.  Their advetures have only become grander over time and that’s the way they plan to keep it.

Marty Lyster – Groomsman:  Future real estate mogul and Lee’s new Brother-in-Law.  The two probably didn’t realize at first how much they had in common but as time passed they quickly bonded.  Now they spend family gatherings discussing future business ventures because if they’re going to grow old together they might as well grow rich together too.

Annie Cairns – Groomsman maid:  It’s said there are two types of people in this world.  There are sheep and there are sharks.  Annie is most definitely a shark and practically Lee’s sister.  Growing up only a mile apart Annie and Lee laughed and cried and took on life’s mysteries together (and still do).  They may live miles apart now, but they know no matter what they’ll always be family.